Shirts For Putin is a fundraiser that puts Vladimir Putin in shirts he would never wear, in the name of causes he would never support. Join the movement by sharing your pic of Putin and donating to The Committee to Protect Journalists, Human Rights Campaign, or RFK Human Rights. Or all of them. Just saying.

Vladimir Putin - Maybe a little too visible?

Why this shirtless despot?

Russian President Vladimir Putin is one of the world’s foremost authoritarians. Human rights NGOs claim Putin’s regime is guilty of abuses not seen in Russia since the era of the Soviet Union. Which is not great.

Shirt image - You're gonna love our shirts!

Why should I give a shirt?

Every beshirted Putin you share raises awareness of these issues. Your donations aid in the global fight for the rights Putin has sought to curb. Plus, everyone who sees your Putin pic will assume you’re really good at Photoshop.

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